Sunday, August 28, 2016


Been at this what for 4 years now. Attempting to bring some fetish joy into your life. From what I have been reading I would consider mission accomplished.

Over 2,000 posts and 2 million views (actually 1.9 but who cares)

As you may have noticed I dont use tags/meta/etc to list posts. I like to fly under the radar so to speak, keeps the material here longer. Hence the hit count not being in the tens or hundreds of millions.

This will remain ad and bullshit script free as there is air in my lungs. As previously stated I don't do this for the money. I do it out of love of the art. The female body is one of the best forms of evolution and I am glad that I have a way to "express" myself.

I hope I bring a smile to your face and somehow enrich your life. If you think I am an assbag tell me .

Thank you for your time and viewership.

ps: I have been advertising for new models like mad and only getting drips back. If you want to be featured here drop me an email.

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bralover said...

thank you for your blog !!!