Saturday, May 14, 2016


My Cinderella bra! This thing is a monster. It makes the Aviana 56K and Elila 52N look like training bras. With the drop cup open and how the lace looks, kinda like a great whites mouth. Was a little hard to get the full projection because of the shelf but it was more than 8 inches. 19 inch wide cups, this is by far the biggest off the shelf you can buy. Of course everyone online wants an arm and a boob for this monster, but right from the maker (with jewpon) 32 bucks! Now all I need is the right woman to fill it and my life would be complete. I believe this brings my collection up to around 800ish.


dan said...

gorgeous brassiere...would love to see the woman this bra will provide much needed support for. 50L wow...what size is miosotis?

me said...

@Dan Mio is a 40L