Thursday, March 24, 2016

Still Here

1875 posts, 5 today... almost 500 pictures and 
awesome videos, what else could you ask. 
I hope you will be busy for quite a while.
Hit count is dropping, something I am missing? 
Due to the lack of not being able to read minds, 
I like Johnny 5 require "INPUT"!
Thanks for viewing/reading/watching/fappin, lol.



sc0tchLvr said...

I'm not sure as to why hit count would be dropping - I check this out at least twice a week just to see what new content you got. :-)
All I can say is, sports bras don't excite me but nice silky smooth ones do. Would like to see more of the model's face that is missing way too often, perhaps for privacy reasons, understandable; but pump up the resolution level for crying out loud at least to like a 1200 x 1000 would be a cool thing. Beyond that, keep it up I still like it.

me said...

Missing faces because that's the deal I have with them. Google wants me to upload vids on youtube and link them. This causes 2 problems with me, they can pull the adult material not allowed or copyright bullshit. Then they delete them and poof no more material. I upload directly here and they have caps of 100mb and shitty resolutions. I have voiced my concerns to anyone that would hear, but all deaf ears. Working on new site and temp solution... hang in there and thanks for the input.

Bra cum lover said...

Love the site I come by once a day to keep updated on new content. The minor gripe I have is I view your site on my phone and can't play any of the videos because of the flash player that's required.could that be a fixable thing if so would be great!