Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Candid H Cup

Walked up behind me in line, didnt notice ring and was ready to throw the pitch and business card at her until her SO walked up...

This was the best of meat and patatos I have seen in the wild in a long time.


DDreamer said...

What exactly is "the pitch"? I want to start organizing my own shoots to submit and I'm curious as to how you approach someone about it. Love the site, keep it up! :)8

me said...

Thanks for the reply, here's the secret. I am a larger older guy which instantly places you in the creepy section of the get the fuck away from me. I speak very well and get practically anyone, but I have a boob scout card.

Just has ( o Y o ) with a phone number. Hand it to them, smile and say your very interested in them. 99% of the time they will ask as to what it is about. I reply as to say I am a semi professional photographer looking for someone like you. The main thing is to have them inquire... too much will instantly push them away. I have handed out over a thousand cards and maybe 20 I hooked. I can't hook on just my looks, have to use my "art" and talking to make it a reality.

If they are really special I take them bra shopping (major plus elevates esteem) and pay them $100 an hour. I can average 1000 plus pics and video in an hour... bottom line bargain. Make them feel good about themselves and they will portray that through the lens.

Majority say they don't want face/hair/tats/freckles/jewelry etc showing so I am pretty good at Photoshop. Show them how I can tweak the pics and they light up like a pinball machine. "Hey can you make my boobs bigger and my waist smaller?" Sure can just watch. Some take longer than others, but you will get a response after showing them. I can make posters with my shots which sometimes I will get one framed for them. The right light, the right shot you can elevate them to the clouds with responses like "Wow is that me?"

Bottom line is that it is an art, fetish art which is big money now a days.

Good luck and I highly anticipate your submissions.