Friday, August 14, 2015

Yahoo Is Blocking POTB

Don't know how long this has been happening but it seems I can not get POTB listings off Yahoo searches or direct address bar to the site with Yahoo being home page. I dumped them years back when they started looting visitors. Now it seems they are determining what they want to display.

If anyone is having issues with getting to the site could you please drop me an email.

As always I hope you are in good health and enjoying your summer. Thank you for visiting.


Anonymous said...

It looks like this search engine is just too lame, not that it is "blocking" you, but that the way is does it's search is just pain lame. Oddly enough, it does do a link to see pictures of the search, and it looks like most of those were your posts, and if you click on one of those pics, it will then link you to your blog. Odd and lame, which is why I seldom use yahoo and I suspect that most people don't either so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

me said...

Its not like I actually care about Yahoo at all. Was mainly worried if anyone was experiencing difficulties getting to site. Thanks for the reply.