Monday, September 22, 2014



Once again a Seashit drive array has decided to simply lose a 
file structure with over 1TB of unrecoverable data on it.
This must be the 5th time in 2 years. Funny part is the backup
is blank! I <3 software.

I can't wait till SSD's drop for larger sizes.

So bottom line NEVER buy another HHD, go SSD.


Anonymous said...

this sort of comment is fine, but there is no need for using a picture of shit to express it. What's wrong is your vocabulary or common sense thatsmall ?? more like shit for brains

me said...

First off I would ask that you proof your posts before you make a feeble attempt of informing me about language linguistics.

But I'll take it positive or negative, still a post. Thank you for your time.

Parlous said...

I have two dead Seagate drives on my desk at this moment, next to two dead Maxtor drives. Both of those brands were unreliable, I switched to Western years ago.

me said...

@Parlous: Seagate owns Maxtor....