Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Michelle JOI and Cum On Her Bra


Anonymous said...

"Cum On Her Bra"??? wth is this joke?

me said...

NO this is NOT a joke. We share/follow a very unique niche. Many including myself consider this equal to if not better than a facial, as it can not be immediately washed off. Seeing/cumming on your lovers bra is at the extreme end of the fetish. Many have very specific ways of "moneyshots" ours happens to be bras. Most women are fine with cum on their bodies after a through fucking. It is only a select few that KNOW this is a highly prized way to cum, and allow this activity. Considering most women invest an arm and two legs in lingerie, they dont take kindly to pop shots all over their stuff. But I urge you to keep your mind open, you never know what you will find. Thanks for the comment.

me said...

It actually is one of the most viewed posts on here. So someone is searching for it.

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