Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Couple Abbi Bras

What a stunning beautiful woman. 
I would cough up my left nut to spend 1 night. 
(and of course a couple cameras)  See more HERE.


bingaji said...

She has yet to wear the only bra that would not only fit her but give her a shape men really want to see. I talked Milena into trying one and even went as far as to send her one of these wonderful bras for her to try. All of you true bra lovers know what I'm talking about. Lady Cameo 707 38 K cup in white and some of you would of seen the two photo shoots she did as well as the movie. see Milena
can somebody talk Abbi into wearing one of these bras ?

me said...

Man I would love to see that! I am sure she gets lots of request for bra stuff.