Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NikNak 46L POTB Bra Shots

Thank you Nikki, your the bestest. 
What turns me on : 
Men! Especially you lovers of BBW's who want to cum on my tits.

Will you sell me your shoes/bra/panties/stockings/etc:    
Yes, I will more than likely sell you something if you really want it/them! Please bear it in mine that my bra's cost around £40/50 to replace, so this is likely going to be what I charge for a worn one! 

Can I cum on your tits during booby play?
Yes. Within limits, you can pretty much do whatever you like to my boobs if we have agreed to a boob play session.


Anonymous said...

Wow-she has a very healthy chest! I would certainly oblige her with a big sperm load on her huge breasts. What does POTB mean?

me said...

POTB = Power Of The Bra, name of the blog. :)

me said...

If you plan to repost these, can you at least give Nikki's site a plug. I really dont want to start marking material again.