Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bra Sighting

Yet another reason why I love Spring. While it is brisk this morning, women are showing signs of shedding layers. While in line at my favorite coffee shop I was behind this wonderful smelling woman who was wearing a very light crochet top with a pattern of slots that were open at least a quarter inch. I would assume she was thinking her bra was camouflaged but to the trained eye it was like just in her bra. I had a back view for some time while I fumbled with my phone to turn off system sounds so I could rip some shots. This is the exact time I wished the peeps in front of us would all do credit card transactions, but it was not to be. The line moved quickly. When she got to the register she turned slightly to give me an OMG side view. A very full D cup with scalloped lacing clearly visible. I was blinded by the whiteness. "Brastuck" as I call it, I quipped a funny expression to the register girl I knew. The bra girl turned slightly to look at me and locked eyes and that smile made my day. No words were said, but dressed like that she didn't have to. After looking away I then noticed the considerable sized rock planted on her screaming red painted finger. Sorry to say no pics, but here's one I found on the net that comes close to what I saw.


Unknown said...

Great post!

me said...

Thank you. You are more than welcome to add your own.