Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Subgirlie Bras

One of the nicest huge breasted woman you could ever meet. 
Sweet as pie with a smile that could make the world pause. 
I wish you would come out of hiding and say hello.
We ALL still <3 you!


Anonymous said...

Stop by and say hello to her yourself- she lives in Midland, Texas, doing business as "Marketing West Texas". Her home phone is 432-686-7448, and address is 2203 S County Road 1086, Midland TX, 79706.

Anonymous said...

Its ok not only have I met her I got to cum on her giant soft fat tits in a swinging session with my wife and her husband in it. I fucked her in doggy style while she suck her husbands cock and and my wife sucked her giant delicious tits and when I came I turned her over and her hisband and I came together all over jer soft huge nipples and her and my wife licked all of it off and then kissed. She is trylly a beautyful human being and an even better lay. Nipples are awesome when hard too. Nice fat pussy by the way

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Post some proof if you're telling the truth!