Saturday, February 23, 2013

1964 Star Trek Bullet Bra, Panties and Pantyhose

Don't think you could have seen anything racier on TV back in 1964 than this. Sex and violence! You can even see her bra in the one shot. Flawless
 Bluray of season 1. Yummy Nylon and Rayon.


Peshkatari said...

One small correction: This Trek ep. was from early in season 1, and was aired originally on November 3, 1966. (Trek as a series made it's debut in Sept. '66-you might be thinking of the original pilot with Jeff Hunter as the captain, which was filmed around Christmastime of '64.) Interesting notes: The "panties" were built into the women's uniform costumes, and actually getting a "flash" of a female cast member/guest star's bra was not unusual in early Trek episodes. It happens with Nichelle Nichols in Charlie X (when Charlie causes her comm panel to short out and the explosion of sparks throws her from her chair), and I believe there were several other instances in year one eps. (They seem to have fixed that by year two.) Interestingly, a decade or so later when Star Trek: The Motion Picture was about to go before the cameras, Gene Roddenberry, like George Lucas, decided "In space, there is no underwear!" lol

Anonymous said...

very sexy scenes... turn on as a kid to watch . is she wearing falsies under that bullet bra? because her tits do not seem to flatten as she lies down face up. which frame shows the brassiere?