Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beautiful Bra Models


bralover said...

bras very nice !!!

Feminea Aeterna said...

Would love to try the third from the top. Looks very appropriate to enhance breast growth process in cross-dressers. BTW, I'm already well in the "D" cup range ;)

Any more leads on brand/source ?

I love you, I love you all !

me said...

@ Feminea: I believe it is called a Daniela bra(makers name, unsure of actual model name) made/sold in Latvia. That may have been a GREAT day out and about with the Google translator. Was wondering who was Michelak competitors.

Scoured Ebay and found one. Their estore hit the jackpot, but sorry to inform you I no longer see that exact model. Translator is giving me shit, so may just need to dig deeper, who knows.

Feminea Aeterna said...

@ "me"
Thanks Honey,
With your help I could find it in Italy, here:

However, by experience, dealing with Italian sizes is a nightmare. Sent en inquiry mail, let's see where it goes ;)

I am a "bra girl", love them, and, well, after active wearing of pointy models and lots of soy milk, I grew quite a nice pair without pills or surgery, here's the resume of the saga.

Bras, corselets, anything with cups is my thing and, Honey, you're right, correctly used these items have a overwhelming feminizing power.

Thanks for your time, I like your blog, keep the good work, warm scented hugs ;)

"Auntie" Mathilda