Monday, November 11, 2019

Vintage Playtex

New the Playtex 152 cross your heart bra
is not sold in the US. Which is now owned
by Hanes. But is available over the pond at, which is also hanes, but marketed
and sold by Gossard?!?!? Now I'm cornfused.

Not cheap as it was $39.00 bucks with shipping.

I always loved this bra but never  had
a chance to get it on SD until now!

Sorry private collection, but this is more or
less a review. Now I know this is NEW made
with modern materials, so their will be
 inconsistencies if attempting to compare 
with "true" vintage. 

Pulled out of box and bag. So far nice. Stretchy
and lace patterns match vintage. But when fitting
and adjusting on model, one of the cheap ass
fucking plastic strap adjusters broke! Now the bra
strap is constructed of 1 inch wide stretchy material.
The middle crossbar was what broke.

This is just the worst case of make it as cheaply
 as possible and fuck the consumer. I can't tell you 
how much this pissed me off as fixing was not
a simple operation. So buggered it to make it
through shoot, which surprisingly held up well.

But if you look at several others makers, even 
the heavy duties, they have all gone to plastic
or nylon  varieties that eventually break. And
look you straight in the eye and want to charge
you $60 plus!!

This kind of makes me remember the American
car companies bitching about the cost of $3.89
for reinforcing a cars windshield pillar to survive
a rollover. I know major difference but what if
your waitress in a snug company provided uniform
had her strap break while serving you or your family?
I know once again would grab my camera or would
provide more than adequate professional assistance.

Metal hardware would prolly cost maybe 
15 cents  more, just pathetic, shame on you 
Playtex, Hanes and Gossard or whomever you are!

Off Topic, But Note Worthy

Monday, October 28, 2019


Watermelon Girls

A while back they had issues with public wifi
and there IG account was compromised.
Then there was allegations of prostitution?!?
But they are back.

Sunday, October 20, 2019


I have to throw my 2 cents in on this
BEFORE you watch the video.

Anything in this life you only get
out of it what you put into it.

Shoestrings to batteries that "rule"
applies.  Now as far as sexual interaction
with another human usually falls within
communication, body language, heart
rate, respiration and other factors such
as injuries and/or MENTAL health.

If you make sure she is well taken care
of, it is a manner of my wisdom that
ANY contact would be enjoyable, or
how she put it, knows that we enjoy it.

But it's cool. This video is from a long
just find it an interesting approach from
a woman's perspective.

I like her light hearted outlook on life.
Please show her some love HERE!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Off Topic

Known fact, 99.96% of women will 
lie about their sexual history.